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June 2014

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Inspiration always comes when you are not looking for it…


At the beginning of this week I vowed to find inspiration every day. Since then I search, starting as soon as I wake up, to almost “pick” out what my inspiration will be. The thing about inspiration is sure you can develop it within yourself but the truest ones come by surprise. The challenge I set for myself was to help me learn to see everything in a positive light and to always find something special in each day.

I continued through my day, soon losing focus of “picking” my daily inspiration. I spent the first part of my morning returning patient phone calls and inquiries. As I was wrapping up with my last call, the patient says to me, “Thank you for being great”. There it was, that warm and fuzzy feeling hit me. That is why I come to work every day – to help patients. That is the strongest motivator I have for me to do the job I do. I replied back to the patient, “Thank you but you deserve it”, as I thought to myself, “Thank you for being an awesome patient”.



A Shining Light from a Blue Eyed Boy

This morning started out challenging… I woke up achy and tired and realizing I only had about $18 to make it through the rest of the week. Adding to it we were out of lunchmeat and out of peanut butter so with that fueling the fire I snapped that I’d have to stop in my time crunch to spend money I didn’t have to pick something up for my son for lunch at his summer care. Quietly my son and I walked out to the car – his water bottle dropping and rolling all over the parking lot. My son and I tackled it as a team and finally caught it as it rolled under the fourth car. As we were climbing into the car to rush out, my son pulls out his leftover half of sandwich from the day before and cheerfully says, “I can eat the rest of this for lunch today!” My day was just saved by a bright blue-eyed nine-year-old boy. Sometimes our heroes are only four and half feet tall! Needless to say my daily inspiration came early today and with perfect timing. As the day went on the frustrations kept pouring in (was just one of those days) but with every challenge that the day presented to me, I thought of that smile my son gave me and remembered the strength it gave me. Don’t ever give up on a day just because it is rough, today I was reminded that there is always a solution!

Blah…I hate Mondays!

Even when we really like what we do, there is always at least one day where we wake up thinking, “I hate my job”. Mondays are the tough days for me to get my happy mantra on…these are our long days, we are open 11am-8pm – seems not too bad but every Monday I’m still up early, either have stuff to do or well my body likes to play tricks and wake up anyways! It doesn’t help that I drive an hour and half to work every day, and then home too giving me a getting home time of about 10pm or later on a Monday night. This morning my inside alarm clock was a 5am wake up call, fun stuff, today I had the availability to sleep until 7am too! Darn! So needless to say count me in to be dragging myself through the day about mid-way through.

Since it’s Monday and bills are always on my mind on Mondays, let’s talk frustrations of economy (well sorta) for a moment – do you ever feel like you just can’t get ahead sometimes? I do. I work my butt off and it still feels like it’s never enough. I feel like I would need three jobs to actually make it financially comfortable. I wouldn’t call myself high paid but decently averagely paid, so not awful, and I’m still always barely skimming it to get all the bills, groceries, and gas (now granted I am driving a lot so this sucks up a lot of the cash flow but still!) let alone have any fun money…I bought a $200 grill last weekend and that was a big, like needed to research and plan for it, kind of purchase. Taxes is an ongoing frustration for me (anybody else lol)… Last month I earned a little $200 something bonus but by the time taxes came out it was $100 – ack! really! 50% of my bonus! It used to be we could use bonuses for fun stuff or something special, nope nowadays it’s just to get a little caught up on the bills. It’s almost depressing how the cost of living has changed and how hard it is to earn a dime anymore (yes I am one of those folks that wants to work to make a living, wants to earn what I get). But with all that said – here comes my silver lining and positivity kick (my favorite part after a rant!) – I’m lucky and blessed to have a job in this economy status and I’m even luckier to have a job that I don’t despise…

I’m still not a fan of Mondays though!

Sunday Funday – June 22nd… getting it together.

Day 1: My five tasks to complete:

1. Buy a new purse/bag and wallet – did it – love it! New bag…Olivia & Joy…♡ it, getting super organized with style! Thank you Ross’ s for a great find!

new bag

2. Blog – check!!! Well you’re on it! ❤

3. Notebook/Planner for keeping my blogging thoughts organized – picked up a cute journal at Ross’s too to jot all my thoughts and chatter – love the cover, so inspiring, it reads, ” Get Inspired. Be Fearless. Make a difference. Find your voice. Have Heart. Do the right thing. Surround yourself with good friends. Take Chances. Ask Questions. Follow your Dreams. Discover Your Passion. Learn something new every day. Be kind and generous. Live your life with abandon. Make a difference. This is Your Time.” Perfect! That’s my inspiration for today : ) I also picked up a “Teacher’s Notebook” at OfficeMax… it let me date the pages, has a whole list of holidays and more room to write fun ones like “National Vanilla Milkshake Day!” and even has graphing paper on the back of each page if I want to track views and followers each day! Sometimes you just have to think out of the box, or norm!

4. Order makeup – was running out of foundation – I keep it simple but I still need my staples, so I placed a little order through Avon – shameless plug if you are looking for a rep (P.S. if you don’t live near her you can order from her website and have it delivered to you, free shipping on all orders over $35!)

5. Do my Nails – So I know this is definitely one of those creepy hand pics but how cool is this purple! Picked it up at Five and Below – 3 bottles of nail polish for $5, not too shabby nail polish either! P.S. you’ll find as you get to know me I’m all about bargain and thrift hunting.

purple nails

Every day I wake up and want to conquer the world!


Busy Busy Busy… my mind always racing! I am that girl that has 1000 dreams – I want to take on the world in a day! I’m also that crazy girl that actually tries to do that from time to time…well let’s be real, that’s just not a feasible goal. So time after time (did I get that song stuck in your head now?!) I make a million and one goals and try to start them all at once…then after a little time I crash! So here I go again, this time with a smaller goal and then we’ll grow from there. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson from falling all those times before – but you know what they say, “Success is continuing to get back up after failing”. My ultimate dream is to be a pro blogger /crafter/maybe some day a brick and mortar boutique owner… however that takes a lot of time, dedication, and hard work (note- I don’t want to just get to that dream, I want to be successful when I get there!). I’m taking on a new process – do five things a day – five “any” things that need (or that I want to be) completed in a day. You’ll understand why this what seems to be so little goal will make sense once you get to know me more in my “Meet the Blogger” post (so keep reading my posts!). So having started this blogging and crafting thing before and barely making it maybe two months before burning out and falling off the face of the earth, I set my first “let’s get started blogging” goal to commiting myself to write at least one post a week. I’ll leave this post with a thought that I quoted from one of my random self help readings: “If we simply just begin a task, we can become more motivated as the task is in action.” … hoping that energy and time comes in a bundle with that motivation!


P.S. I love to create a network so please share your tips, advice, and links to your blogs too!


These are my goals, my tasks, my challenges I set for myself:

1. Do five things a day, five “any” things.

2. Find one thing inspiring a day.

3. Write one blog post a week.

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