This morning started out challenging… I woke up achy and tired and realizing I only had about $18 to make it through the rest of the week. Adding to it we were out of lunchmeat and out of peanut butter so with that fueling the fire I snapped that I’d have to stop in my time crunch to spend money I didn’t have to pick something up for my son for lunch at his summer care. Quietly my son and I walked out to the car – his water bottle dropping and rolling all over the parking lot. My son and I tackled it as a team and finally caught it as it rolled under the fourth car. As we were climbing into the car to rush out, my son pulls out his leftover half of sandwich from the day before and cheerfully says, “I can eat the rest of this for lunch today!” My day was just saved by a bright blue-eyed nine-year-old boy. Sometimes our heroes are only four and half feet tall! Needless to say my daily inspiration came early today and with perfect timing. As the day went on the frustrations kept pouring in (was just one of those days) but with every challenge that the day presented to me, I thought of that smile my son gave me and remembered the strength it gave me. Don’t ever give up on a day just because it is rough, today I was reminded that there is always a solution!