At the beginning of this week I vowed to find inspiration every day. Since then I search, starting as soon as I wake up, to almost “pick” out what my inspiration will be. The thing about inspiration is sure you can develop it within yourself but the truest ones come by surprise. The challenge I set for myself was to help me learn to see everything in a positive light and to always find something special in each day.

I continued through my day, soon losing focus of “picking” my daily inspiration. I spent the first part of my morning returning patient phone calls and inquiries. As I was wrapping up with my last call, the patient says to me, “Thank you for being great”. There it was, that warm and fuzzy feeling hit me. That is why I come to work every day – to help patients. That is the strongest motivator I have for me to do the job I do. I replied back to the patient, “Thank you but you deserve it”, as I thought to myself, “Thank you for being an awesome patient”.