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June 2015

Dream within Meditation

Grey swirls interrupted by shrouds of deep orange filled the sky. She watched in awe, mesmerized by the passion it exuded. A lonely arrow shot into the sky slashed through the sun. The sky grew dark.

She dove, her fins pushing her deeper and deeper into the ocean’s captivity. A lonely glow shone down to her. She followed the warm trail back to the surface. Thrusting herself up from the water, she found a solo lantern sitting on the stone ledge. A sharp ache spread throughout her as the second arrow pierced her chest. She fell back into the sea. Red poured around her as she sank.

His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her up towards the waves. They reached the break and he slid her up onto land. With his hands placed on her chest, he pushed down hard, a vivid glow radiated from his hands upon her. She opened her eyes to see him.

The dark sky now awoke. A dazzling yellow globe filling it. They lay, intertwined, souls touching.

sea pearls


Self-Discovery, Self-Realization, Life-Changing…

What does it mean to complete self-discovery?

Wikipedia states: the term “journey of self-discovery” refers to a travel, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel about spiritual issues and priorities.

Just a month ago I viewed the world from a different shade. I was a workaholic, spending 10-12 hours a day in the office and then at least another 6 hours out of the office worrying about work. I felt stressed out, exhausted, and even overwhelmed some days with life in general. I sacrificed time with my family, missed my son’s sports games, and barely had a social life to go to work and still not live up to the corporate set standards. My job had become my life, and it was sucking me dry.  I was the girl that kept telling herself that if I kept working like a dog I could earn enough money to eventually be able to break off and do something I love…let’s face it, that was just a vicious cycle. I’ll be turning 31 this August and I was still where I was two years ago career wise. My blog had sat inactive for seven months and I hadn’t posted anything in for months either. I had become stale. Then I lost my job…

This was a revelation for me, a release from an imprisonment I had put myself in many years ago. The opportunities are endless for me now. I have the chance to make a career change, a spiritual change, and to change myself. During my first few weeks “off” I did a lot of reading, inspirational and motivational reading, I started blogging again, I started practicing yoga, I visited my Grandfather more, I made time for connecting with people…I started redesigning my life. I started my “journey of self-discovery”.

Everyone’s journey of self-discovery will be different, just as we are each individual and unique. I believe that self-discovery, self-reflection, and meditation are truly components we need to complete in order to really find happiness and our true path. I feel this is a constant process, the world will always be throwing us twists and turns but if we can really get in touch with ourselves than we can lead an open and fulfilling life no matter what comes at us, and learn from each experience.

I visited a site called and they give you specific questions to ask yourself, dig deep and find your inner truth and purpose kind of questions.

  1. “Who am I?” –  what makes you unique, what defines you as an individual?
  2. “What do I need right now more than anything else?” – are you truly taking care of yourself? Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally?
  3. What meaning can I draw from this experience?” – what is the silver lining? What is the lesson from the challenge?
  4. What feeling do I most want to have in my life?” “What do I want to be doing more of in my life?” “What do I want to be doing less of in my life?” – what do I keep doing or keep in my life that doesn’t make me happy, what am I lacking that would make me happy?
  5. What am I resisting, or attaching to?”
  6. “What are my gifts? How can I share them with the world?”
  7. “How can I celebrate each day, or the moments of my life?”

Sit down and ask yourself these questions, are your answers in line with how you are living your life? Mine weren’t, but I’m changing that.

2015-06-03_14.24.13 (2)

Knowledge comes from study, Wisdom comes from experience.

Balancing my Root Chakra through Yoga Practice – My Designed Routine

I continue my studies of the Seven Chakras more in depth this week starting with The Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) continuing with meditation, therapies, and specifically designed yoga routines to help open up and balance my 1st Chakra. I was hoping to be able to continue practicing my Yoga routines outside as I did last week but so far it has been quite the rainy and stormy week so I will have to continue to wait eagerly to add “earthing’/earth sitting into my daily routine.

This is the Yoga routine I’ve planned for this week based on my research:

In Sequence as Follows:

  1. Easy Pose (Sukhasana)
  2. Wide-Legged Seated Forward Bend
  3. Downward Dog
  4. Chair Pose
  5. Standing Forward Bend
  6. Warrior I
  7. Warrior II
  8. Mountain Pose
  9. Yogic Squat
  10. Bridge Pose
  11. Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Still being a new Yogi, some of these poses I’ve been working on for a month, some will be new, expanding my pose list and hopefully to help me improve my form and balance.

I hope you will continue to follow me through my therapies and revelations…and any feedback is welcome!!! I am open to learning and improving always!

root chakra study

*above is a pic of the study book I’m creating and my new Yoga/Meditation Journal sharing one of my favorite Root Chakra Affirmations.

Well I’m off to start my new routine!


Day 1 – Root Chakra Meditation Journey

Root Chakra Meditating

“I am sitting in an open field, with legs crossed under me in meditation pose. A storm is on the horizon, thunder rolling behind me. The sky is filled with bold shades of red among the gray clouds. I imagine myself in a glass box. The storm moves in above me, the rain pitter- patters on the north side of the box. I am protected though, I feel safe. I watch the storm pass through, taking in its strength. The rain stops, but the thunder continues to call. The front of the glass box opens and  I climb out. I run through the wet grass in my bare feet. I feel free. I close my eyes. When I open them I am back in the glass box. I feel calm and filled with new wisdom.”

Good Morning June!



What a great way to start the month!

Morning after a much needed rain, birds chirping, peaceful air.

This month brings new possibilities,

new friendships,

and the anticipation of summer.

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