I’ve come to the conclusion that though my OCD can lead me to a path of organization, it has also created some more than needed chaos in some areas of my life……

I started blogging a couple of years ago and it has been an on and off walk for me. I currently have three blogs that I do not maintain so well…not that I don’t have a million thoughts and ideas running through my head to share with the world but that I have come to conclusion of an ever going thought process that I have too many avenues and too many ventures partial started for me to keep up with. I have a blog for cooking, a blog for crafting, and a blog for everything else.  One afternoon last week, coming out of a meditation, I saw a clear solution on how I can be more efficient, sensible, and more successful in reaching my dreams and goals – I need to simplify.

With that said, I’ll be closing some windows so that I may open a door…

I’ll be closing up my other two blogs so that I can focus on developing this one. I realized that I was becoming overwhelmed with the thought of writing for all three blogs and I found myself not doing anything, creating my own road block. Over the next few weeks or so I’ll be posting some of my favorites from the other blogs so that I can share them with you and revisit the directions I want to go in. I am a pretty eclectic person which is both a blessing and a curse. I find myself having many interests but find myself also getting in my own way with my random thoughts. This year is my year of growth and direction, clearing my path, and setting positive intentions and seeing them through. I come with the reality that I may not conquer everything I want to in a day or maybe even at all but I have opened and cleared my mind to be able to see a way to get there and that’s a start and that I feel good about. ❤

*sharing a quote that is giving me fuel and inspiration*

simplify life

 *Note to my Readers – please bear with me a little as I get myself reorganized : )