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March 2016

#tbt – Color Me Mine Trip; Painter’s Mug

I can’t say I’ve ever left Color Me Mine with a project I didn’t like. It’s fun walking through the house and seeing the knick-knacks I’ve created from our trips to paint at Color Me Mine…  My ring holder, my elephant piggy bank…..

Today’s throwback is a post I wrote 2 years ago after a Mommy and Son trip to Color Me Mine…will need to get back soon to make a new creation! This post is featuring my “splotch” mug. It was fun just to play with the different colors and just do whatever, no rhyme or reason to this design, it just is and I love it!

Color Me Mine is a shop/painting studio that is a blast! The great thing about this place is that you can go pick your pottery, paint it, and then they put it in the kiln for you and you pick it up all finished and glossy about a week later. You don’t have to stock paints or pottery or own a kiln. You pay a small studio fee and then the price of your pottery piece and the rest is all included. This last time I decided to just let go and I created what I named “My Painter’s Mug” – it’s a great big size for my cup of tea that I love to drink while I craft or paint. Bright colors to inspire me and I even gave it a signature paint splotch which is my favorite part of the mug.  Check for a location close to you at P.S. The paint holds up…I still use this mug to this day : )

Color Me Mine Painters Mug



Power Food – Salmon

Excited to be starting my ‘Power Foods’ Series!

The first fish I ate… Salmon…considered a brain food (oh that’s why I’m so smart!) 


  • Is a great source of high-quality protein
  • Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which have been proven to protect heart health, lower risk for stroke, improve blood lipid patterns and blood vessel function, and help reduce symptoms of immune and inflammatory disorders
  • High in Vitamins A, B, B6, D, and Vitamin E (which is a powerful antioxidant)
  • Also contains Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Phosphorus


Recipes to Try:

#Motivation Monday – Favorite Quotes

Today was a busy busy day, I apologize for the late night post…today was a day of catch up and surprisingly I still have energy left…this is what happens when you do things you love!!! Today is #motivationmonday – I love days like this! Motivation and Inspiration are key factors to keeping us going. I have several motivators – success, praise, accomplishment, the desire to help and inspire people, set an example for my son that dreams can come true, the desire to live life and be happy…there are just so many reasons to live life and work towards your dreams and goals. I promise I still have down days and sometimes it’s tough but I remind myself that I can always change my outlook and make things better, I continue to work towards training my mind to stay positive.

My Quotes List:

  • “A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you   think it should be.” ~ unknown
  •  “Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
  •  “Let me bring peace into moments of chaos.” ~ unknown
  •  “Work hard. Every day is an opportunity to be better.” ~ Misty Copeland
  •  “Let your past make you better, not better.”
  •  “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
  •  “The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” ~ Bertrand Russell


Spring is a time of renewal and growth. Allow yourself to renew, grow, and transform.

#tbt – DIY Floral Summer Post Board

With warmer weather on the way and Spring Cleaning on our to-do list, I thought an easy, quick #DIY crafting post would be a good fit for this week’s #tbt post. This project was about a 30 minute task. A cute addition to the kitchen for the upcoming season!

Burlap Noteboard

  1. Collect your supplies: I found burlap boards at Walmart on clearance – Score! – I also picked up a some pretty and funky floral fabric, some ribbon, a pretty papermache butterfly, some pretty pink flowers at AC Moore’s, and some funky paperclips at the Dollar Tree.
  2. I cut a heart out of the fabric and created a ribbon border at the top and bottom. I then arranged the other embellishments on the burlap board. I used a hot glue gun to adhere everything to the board… I swear if I could fix everything in my life with a hot glue gun I’d be on it!
  3. Add some notes to the clips and ta-dah!


Wild but Stable

We are raised that there is either wild or there is civilized. We always have to make an ultimate choice. Why can’t we be a healthy mix of both? Why can’t we be wild & free and stable & strong all at the same time? I like to think of myself as a free spirit, a free thinker but I need an organized world to dance in. I enjoy spontaneity but I also find I thrive in routine. I need a balance of both in my life. I need the space to run when I feel the need to be wild but I need the safe warmth of structure. It’s like having a clean, organized house with a big backyard to play in. Why can’t our lives embody that idea? I believe in having an open mind, understanding that everyone has their own path, but withholding strong values and striving towards making positive choices. I believe in a balance of work and play. So be responsible, follow your routine, but let go once in awhile, yell at the top of your lungs, take that jump now and again, run through the sprinkler, have that extra glass of wine every now and then, sleep late on a weekend, have a lazy Sunday…live life to the fullest…be wild, be free, but remember to be stable, and be balanced.

“Be a goofball. It’s healthy for the soul.”

me with the tree at Secrets


Art Journal 1

So one of my bucket list to-do’s is to make an Art Journal. I’ve always thought they were so beautiful and such a wonderful way to be expressive. I have seen tons of great ideas online, you can check out some of my fave ideas on my Pinterest Board –    I want my art journal to be fun, push the limits of formality and tradition. I want lots of color and funky doodles. I try not to conform to one set style or structure, just let myself explore and be free. I’ve found this a wonderful way to calm myself, a unique way to add to my meditations, a place to release. Some pages take thirty minutes, some take hours, some pages are part of one project, some a single thought.  I’m still quite a newbie and cannot compare to some of the beautiful creations I’ve seen online but my art journal is mine, not a following of any one else’s, my own creation, part of my artistic and spiritual journey… I’ll share as I go along, as I evolve and grow, hoping to inspire and stir ideas for your own…

My Art Journal pages 1 thru 3

How I Meditate

A list post…

  • Sitting still for moments
  • During Yoga
  • Art Journaling
  • Earthing
  • Laying with my crystals placed and listening to meditation music
  • Singing along to my favorite songs
  • Moon Bathing
  • Coloring Mandalas
  • Laying in the grass looking at the sky
  • Guided Meditation Series
  • Mountain Pose in the shower


“The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.” ~ David Lynch


What I’ve Learned About Myself.


I know I say it all of the time but it’s true, life is a journey, a string of lessons, a never-ending growth process…Here’s my list of self lessons (I love lists!) #listchallenges

  1. I cannot let my blood sugar drop too low or I become ultra cranky…I am that Snickers commercial in real life ; )
  2. I need a little structure and routine in my life to stay organized and feel level.
  3. I need some alone time at least once every week, every two weeks stretching it, to recharge or I burn out.
  4. I’m connected to the weather.
  5. I’m always on the go, and I don’t know any other way.
  6. I control my emotions, nobody else.
  7. I can create my own happiness.

“The core of your true self is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and the becoming you’ve done just to belong. Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don’t have to find yourself; you just have to let yourself in.”  ~ d. antoinette foy

Learn to Live in the Present

The past is the past.

The future is the future.

But I am here now.

Beach Sky

My greatest lesson I have learned (and am still learning to master the practice of it) is to be in the present, to live, to feel, and to embrace the present. We spend so much of our time and our energy thinking about the what if’s and the what will be’s that we miss so much of what is happening right in front of us or to us at that very moment. There is a quote that I recite when I find myself falling down that thought cycle – “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” by Lao Tzu   That quote is so true. If we dwell on the past, we cannot heal. If we worry about the future, then we miss what we are supposed to be experiencing at the exact moment. When we clear our minds and live in the present then we get exactly what we need. We sometimes just have to trust the Universe that everything will come to us at the time it is supposed to and that everything that does come to us has a purpose. Since I’ve focused on being in the moment I have experienced so much more freedom and happiness. It has been one of the greatest lessons of my life.

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