“You cannot pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.”

Recently I started a Self-Care Challenge on www.JaneTravis.com. Working through the Self-Care Challenge got me thinking about where I am in life and what I want to achieve, it has helped me refocus my efforts to be more in channel with my goals. This challenge has been helping me become more aware of what I need and what I truly want out of life, what is my purpose in life, what am I set forth to do.

I started a blog several years ago and I would go in and out of keeping up with it. My goal for my blog was to tell a story of motivation and to inspire others but after having a recent revelation I learned that I would fall out of blogging when I wasn’t taking care of myself and fell on stressful times. When I’m not making myself a priority and practicing self-care I couldn’t lead others, if I couldn’t motivate myself how could I be an inspiration. I started my self-discovery journey quite some time ago but in the last week I have felt more awake and confident than I ever have. When we can look at ourselves with eyes wide open then we can see much more of the world around us as well. I am still only eleven days into the challenge but I am very much motivated to keep going. I still get stressed and to be honest this past week has been one of my busiest weeks in the last month but I’m moving forward and that feels awesome. Since I have started the challenge I have planned out my editorial calendar for my blog through 2017, reached out to build a network of guest bloggers to feature in my blog, set up goals and plans to reach those goals with my blog, implemented organizational strategies to keep myself on plan, grown my followers by 25 people and have three pieces of artwork in two upcoming shows. It is an invigorating feeling going through this process, like breaking out of cocoon into this beautiful world.

Self-care and self-development are such important keys to our evolution and to our journey. Without taking care of ourselves we cannot tap into our true creativity and into the deep meanings of our lives.

This may be a shameless plug in some eyes but I must share this great place I’ve found to be. Check out Jane at www.JaneTravis.com The Self-Care challenge has been a simple program to follow and has fit into my daily routines almost seamlessly. She sends a daily email with a task and she offers a membership to a wonderful support group on Facebook to connect with like minds. ❤


A Page from my self-care journal. Identifying my needs to thrive.