usa-1327105_1280Typically my posts are filled with positivity and glory but today I share my concerns in this electoral campaign that I’ve heard many of you share. I want you to know that even though I strive on the happiness of our lives and the silver linings in all challenges I too still worry and that you are not alone in your thoughts. 

In past years I left the polls feeling confident, feeling proud to have this great opportunity. This year was a different feeling, this year I left feeling remorseful, saddened by the great negativity this election campaign brought with it. I left feeling I was forced to choose the lesser evil, that I had been cornered. 

This was a tough election year, a campaign rough on all of us. At the polls people commented that this was the nastiest election they’ve ever seen and that they were glad it was almost over. It saddens me that this is what our process to choose our nation’s leader has become.

Our election campaigns shouldn’t be filled with hate and judgement, they should carry words of hope and inspiration for positive changes.

This election brought anger, life threats, vandalism, and even divorce and broken friendships to our nation. During the course of the campaign I heard many say they didn’t want to vote, they were discouraged too.

The thing that deepens my sadness in this is that we cannot put all the blame on the candidates. The candidates didn’t send the hate mail, the candidates didn’t turn their backs on friends and family, even though their debates didn’t show us an example not to, this was us as a nation that allowed the disagreement to divide us.  In the end, we, the people, made these choices, we allowed the aggression and the batter to exist. We’ve allowed this situation to get where it is.

In the poll booth I felt the despair fill in my chest. I didn’t like the corner I was in. The truth is I don’t feel confident about either candidate fully either, they each have their strengths and they each have their major downfalls. But I knew I had to make a choice today…so I tried to make my best judgement out of who I had been offered and I hit the green vote button. Then I carried my remorse out with me and prayed for the best.

Even though this has been tough on all of us please remember that we can make it through this but also use this as a lesson. We cannot allow politics to be our demise, to change how we treat people and how we love so please be kind today and every day after and remember it is okay to agree to disagree.