Hi, I’m Laura. I am a dreamer, a big dreamer, the type that wants to take on the world in a day…which just isn’t really possible so I plug away doing all I can each day. I started blogging a few years ago, wanting to share my experiences and thoughts of life with the world. I have a little bit of artistic ADHD in the way that I like to do a lot of things at once, a very eclectic personality. I paint, I write, I enjoy cooking, crafting, going to the beach, reading…the list goes on. My ultimate dream is to cultivate my blog (get on that consistent routine and share my journey and experiences), sell my paintings, write and publish a book or two (or four if I get there!), and own a boutique/art gallery. I’m also in the process of upstarting an all natural soap company… I keep my plate pretty full…

My world revolves around my son, Dylan. Family is top priority to me thought it may seem at times I put work before time with them – there is a plan in all of this. My son is so smart that he knows that every thing I do in life is to make a better life for him, and I put my heart and soul into that. I want him to grow up and be able to be independent, strong, and motivated to make his dreams come true.

Some days are a battle for me to get up and going because I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia but I am a lucky one because I was diagnosed young and do not have any joint damage yet. I have good days and I have bad days but what I truly believe is that staying positive will always help a person persevere. I am learning to manage it better a little each day and to know my limits – that’s why I started dofivethingsaday.com. It has helped me to focus on accomplishing some things rather than beating myself up for not accomplishing it all in a day. I have made many positive changes over the last few years – I exercise regularly (Yoga and even some running – woohoo!), I try and eat healthy, meditate regularly, and focus on completing my spiritual journey. I have had my set backs, as many of us do, but I believe that they are just obstacles to overcome, someday I’ll look back and say, “I did it, no matter what.”

I blog because I find it is an escape for me. I hope to be able to inspire my followers and readers to reach for their dreams too and to not let any obstacle hold them back. I hope you will enjoy my posts and my many sides.

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