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Songs of November

This is my list of November songs, songs to get in to the cooler November days with. 

  1. “Sweet November” by Sza. – – a little bit soulful sound.
  2. “November Blue” by The Avett Brothers. – – a little bit of a folk sound, good foot tapping song.
  3. “November” by Max Richter. – –  a beautiful instrumental.
  4. “November Boogie” by Sonny Boy Williamson II. – – just as the title says, this puts a little boogie in your step.
  5. “Mr.November” by The National. – – I’m really digging this song, but there are explicit lyrics so keep that in mind when you are jamming to this one.

And for a bonus – this is a classic – “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. –

Hope you enjoy and have fun listening to my little playlist! 



The Feeling of Flight

Today I did something unexpected, something that would surprise the folks that have known me for so long. Today I climbed into a bi-plane, a plane that had no windows or doors on it today, and I went for a flight. The feelings of freedom I had being in the air overcame my fear of heights. There was no fear of anything being up among the clouds. I felt invigorated, I felt calm, I felt at home. My mind was filled with amazement, my heart filled with courage and strength. It was breathtaking, bringing tears to my eyes. I had never felt so free and alive in my life as I did in those fifteen minutes! I knew in those moments that I had made the change, turned the leaf that I had been fighting to do for so many years. In the air I was struck with the idea, the thought, that this is the life I want to life, the life I’m living, the life in which I can seize every day and love every moment of the rest of my life. This was my freedom. Today I was a bird, flying high and above any troubles. Today I was a warrior. Today I was reminded how beautiful adventure is. The feeling of flight is freedom and freedom is my life!


How to Make a Spooky Delicious Meatloaf

Halloween snuck up on me this year, creepily approaching…with the Halloween weekend approaching I wanted to share a favorite among our household – a delicious discovery, a wicked twist on a classic…

So keeping in mind that it’s also #tbt tonight seemed like the perfect night to share this throwback recipe:

Zombie Meatloaf – Deliciously Dangerous!

  1. Make your meatloaf recipe as normal.
  2. Shape meatloaf into a head shape.
  3. Wrap in bacon.
  4. Use onion slices for eyes – slice slightly into them and add drop of red food coloring to center (the food coloring will bleed out making the eyes look blood shot) an onion slice for a nose, and onion slivers for teeth.
  5. Then bake as usual (about an hour at 350 degrees).
  6. “Eat him before he eats you!”


Spring Snow

April 9 snow

A lovely spring day in April…snowing on a Saturday morning.

I fell asleep last night to a disbelief that the snow would be coming. But this morning I awoke to a silence and certain gentleness in air. I climbed out of bed to let my pup out to the yard to potty and there it was, plump white snowflakes falling before me. The yard blanketed with the white fluff. I could flinch knowing that I have that inner desire for bright, warm, sunny days but the thought climbed into my mind that how often do we get to see snow like this on a spring day. So I’ll rejoice in the beauty of the stark white covering today and the realization that nature is really in control of what happens in this world.

#tbt – Color Me Mine Trip; Painter’s Mug

I can’t say I’ve ever left Color Me Mine with a project I didn’t like. It’s fun walking through the house and seeing the knick-knacks I’ve created from our trips to paint at Color Me Mine…  My ring holder, my elephant piggy bank…..

Today’s throwback is a post I wrote 2 years ago after a Mommy and Son trip to Color Me Mine…will need to get back soon to make a new creation! This post is featuring my “splotch” mug. It was fun just to play with the different colors and just do whatever, no rhyme or reason to this design, it just is and I love it!

Color Me Mine is a shop/painting studio that is a blast! The great thing about this place is that you can go pick your pottery, paint it, and then they put it in the kiln for you and you pick it up all finished and glossy about a week later. You don’t have to stock paints or pottery or own a kiln. You pay a small studio fee and then the price of your pottery piece and the rest is all included. This last time I decided to just let go and I created what I named “My Painter’s Mug” – it’s a great big size for my cup of tea that I love to drink while I craft or paint. Bright colors to inspire me and I even gave it a signature paint splotch which is my favorite part of the mug.  Check for a location close to you at P.S. The paint holds up…I still use this mug to this day : )

Color Me Mine Painters Mug


A Fun Halloween-Themed Weekend

This weekend we started celebrating Halloween. We had a family fun filled weekend picking pumpkins at Whitcomb’s ( found a beautiful selection of pumpkins and gourds and picked up lunch at their deli. I finally got our Halloween Decorations up and out. 

Halloween Centerpiece

We also caught up on some house cleaning – I was able to tackle that chaotic baking and spice/sauce cupboard that’s been on my to-do list for months and even cleaned out some of my ever-collecting craft supplies. We then curled up Saturday night with ‘Wreck It Ralph’ while chowing on some take-out. This morning we rounded up and got rolling with Halloween activities: after some spooky pumpkin carving, we indulged in a Zombie Meatloaf.

Pumpkin Carving

zombie Meatloaf

I wrapped up the night baking (it was getting late so I did cheat and use a box cake mix and jar of icing – but it’s the thought that counts, right?!) up a batch of pink iced cupcakes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month for an office potluck. Yummy!

BCA Cupcakes


A Mommy & Son Day Trip

First a stop by Starbuck’s for a much needed coffee and spinach & feta wrap and for the boy a mocha chocolate chip frappuccino and blueberry scone (Mr.Fancy Pants!) and then off to an elephant wonderland we go!

Car Ride to Mommy & Dyl DayGettysburg PA Pitstop

We head down Rt.30 on our way to Mr.Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium – off Rt.30 between Gettysburg and Chambersburg. Making a pit stop as we passed through Gettysburg at General Lee’s Museum and Gift Shop, we knew this day was going to a day filled with smiles and laughter.

Enter into a world of imagination and fun:

We parked on the side of the building in front of a big sign reading “Mr.Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium. Knowing this wondrous place would be an adventure of photos and surely some sugar packed shopping, I tucked my phone and credit card into my crossover and climbed out of the car meeting my big-grinned son on the other side of the car. This day trip had been on our to-do list for quite some time and we were so excited to explore. Being a somewhat elephant fanatic (to give you an idea – The first time my boyfriend’s long time friend Mark visited our place his words were, “Wow, your place has some major elephantitis.”) So you can imagine my glee to finally make it to Mr.Ed’s!

My son and I were greeted by a giant talking elephant named Miss Ellie. Upon her suggestion, we set off to explore. We saw sitting bears to sit and relax with, a tree to hug, and a mailbox adorned with an elephant drinking a cup of tea. We were then led by tin soldiers to stroll the woods and gardens, and this is where we went “nuts at Mr.Ed’s”, made a wish at a pond, sat upon some colorful polka-dotted balls, met “Mister”, and shared even more smiles and laughter.

Mister Ed's 1 Mister Ed's 2

Upon entering the Enchanted Forest, we walked up the Stairway to Nowhere, came upon an elephant cow, and mourned at the elephant cemeteries. After exploring the forest, we made a stop to meet Gunther before wandering down the gnome’s path and visiting a fairie garden, then stopping for a sitting spell before going inside.

Mister Ed's 3 Mister Ed's 4

Inside we found a shop full of treasures (and candy!), Santa, and shelves full of elephant collectibles. Before heading out with a box full of fudge, and some other goodies, we made sure to stop for a photo op with Dumbo!

Mister Ed's 5

dyl with dumbo

Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium is located off of Rt.30 between Gettysburg and Chambersburg in Pennsylvania. Surely a place to add to your trip list for a day trip if your local or a stop to make when you’re visiting Gettysburg!


Week of Thirty…

Well tomorrow I turn the big 3-0 so here goes to another year coming!

A shout – out and thanks to the many Birthday Wishes from my co-workers, a cool card, a balloon and a decorated desk! Thank you everyone from my office!

Birthday Desk



These past two weeks have roared by…

seagull wings spread

The beach was wonderful. Chincoteague, Virginia is a beautiful place! It has a mix of everything which is perfect for our family – hiking, sun and sand time, the ponies, seashell collecting, crabbing and surf fishing, and the pool at the hotel was great for some downtime. It had that nostalgic beach theme but without all the crowd and mess like at Ocean City. This is a highly recommended vacation spot, we will definitely go back again – if not a move to there in the future, hmm maybe a beach cottage for some get away to write times…

beach collage 1 beach collage 2 beach collage 3

Came back exhausted…I find it odd that though we return from vacations with our mind clear our bodies are absolutely exhausted. Of course me with a clear mind means that it filled up very quickly with all sorts of ideas for writing, blogging, crafting, designing, and all kinds of dreams! Love this feeling and evening knocked out some more pages of my novel within a couple days – the juices were flowing!

However reality is that coming back from vacation meant back to work too – slam, there it is, when someone else is at your office “doing your job” and well not quite as you would do it so it’s been catch up time like madness. By Wednesday I was contemplating the reasons I went to work (other than I have to to pay the bills). “Wouldn’t it be nice to quit my day job and stay home and write all day but would I have the same inspirations?”


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