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Art Journal

Monday Thought on Love

sketchbook - girl on lotus

Love doesn’t come from things or words,  it comes from the heart and soul.


Sunday Reflection

Sunday – a day for relaxation, refreshment, and reflection.

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

zen garden

I find I do most of my reflection on Sundays… It seems the world slows down a little on these days. I usually get to sleep in a little, stay in the dream realm just a little longer which leaves me awakening with a sense of wonder and in thought. No office to rush to on Sunday mornings, nothing to derail my mind. I am in a peaceful moment, it is quiet in the home…gives me the space to think…

If you’ve been following me for some time, then you’ve seen my comes and go’s…I set goals, I plan, I blog and then I get busy and fall away. For awhile I would beat myself up for not sticking to my set routines but as I grow I come to accept my ways some. I have come to accept that even though I wish I could be, I’m not a super hero and I can’t be pulled several ways. I’m not saying that blogging and art and writing are not important to me because they very much are and are a part of who I am but I can only focus on so much at a time and to be quite honest I get very tired sometimes…no excuses, just facing what is. “Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy”. I won’t say I’ve failed because today I am still farther than I was five years, or even ten years ago. I am merely working out my “strategy”, what works for me. If being the blogger that comes and goes is what works for me now, than that is who I will be, like a mystery – what has she been doing, what is she up to…and I love mysteries. I’ve been out working hard, playing in my free time, and living life…so I shouldn’t beat myself up. I do want to get better at blogging consistently, I just haven’t found what works for me so I’m growing a little slower than other blogs but that’s okay. I am exactly where I need to be, where the universe needs me to be. I look up to the bloggers that do so well at blogging every week or every day, and I read and watch, and continue to learn.

Advice for me from me:  1. Set shorter timelines for my goals – 30 day Challenges don’t stick for me, try 15 days, or even just a week. 2. Be patient with my success, steps forward are still steps forward even if it’s just an inch. 3. Find a way to enjoy all tasks. Fill my schedule with things I love, and if I don’t love it and it’s mandatory – find something happy in that moment. – but make time to do more of what I love, don’t get bogged down with busywork all of the time.

And a last minute blogging thought – stop trying to write the perfect blog post – it just blocks me from writing at all. If I want to share I sketch I drew, share it. If I have a quote to share, share it…and if I have a whole post of thoughts to write then by all means, share it. Be yourself in your blog and your tribe will find you.

*Artwork is a page shared from my art journal.


We must remember to be bold in all areas of our lives.  Be bold in love, be bold in making our goals, and be bold in facing our fears.


Art Journal 4

As I sat pondering my progress in life one night I was struck with the thought of time…the thought that “time waits for no one”… the thought that if we don’t go for it, we may never… but also the thought that we spend so much time trying to think of what to do next that we miss what may be happening to us right in that very moment. Time is something that is constantly moving forward, though we may “take a moment to pause”, that actually that paused moment is still a moving moment, it is still taking us into the next moment, the next moment in time.  I have read many times that if we wait for the right time to go after something that we miss it, that there is never a right time, there is just right now. So I find myself caught in a manner of trying to balance enjoying every moment of my life but not stalling to the point that I miss the opportunities presented to me.

I let myself (even though it may not be my most artistically inclined entry – I love my little clocks though – maybe this will be an art journal entry to reinvent at a later date!) draw this thought, this reminder, into my art journal so that I may be reminded not only to always take advantage of opportunities, and challenges, and lessons, but also to remind myself to savor each moment of my life. 

My Art Journal 11

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.” ~ Harvey Mackay

Art Journal Pages 7 thru 9

Art Journal 2

So here it is…art journal 2. I’m finding myself embracing words in my art journal…sketching out what I’m thinking in letter form (does that even make sense?), trying out my artsy lettering skills (which I’m working on growing in that field!). I have to share two things – 1. I went to a close friend’s baby shower the other weekend and saw another close friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. She shared with me that my initial Art Journal post had inspired her to start her own art journal, it made my heart sing, that’s why I blog, with the eternal hope that my stories and my thoughts inspire others. 2. I’m really finding that this coloring thing is super therapeutic for me. I’ve always loved art and making art in some form or another but I sometimes don’t have the time to complete all I want to do. Coloring and drawing in my art journal has given me a place to escape from the daily stresses quickly. It gives me a way to express myself and to release without having to get all of my paints, brushes, easel, and canvases out. I’m not throwing the brushes to the side and giving up painting in any way but this project allows me to create art anytime and I love that. I’m also hoping to expand my skills with this project…the technical sides of art have always been more of a challenge for me so as I expand on my sketches (and lettering) I’m hoping to add some fine tuning skills to my belt…but for now it’s the cutesy fun stuff!

My Art Journal pages 4 thru 6

Art Journal 1

So one of my bucket list to-do’s is to make an Art Journal. I’ve always thought they were so beautiful and such a wonderful way to be expressive. I have seen tons of great ideas online, you can check out some of my fave ideas on my Pinterest Board –    I want my art journal to be fun, push the limits of formality and tradition. I want lots of color and funky doodles. I try not to conform to one set style or structure, just let myself explore and be free. I’ve found this a wonderful way to calm myself, a unique way to add to my meditations, a place to release. Some pages take thirty minutes, some take hours, some pages are part of one project, some a single thought.  I’m still quite a newbie and cannot compare to some of the beautiful creations I’ve seen online but my art journal is mine, not a following of any one else’s, my own creation, part of my artistic and spiritual journey… I’ll share as I go along, as I evolve and grow, hoping to inspire and stir ideas for your own…

My Art Journal pages 1 thru 3

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