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How to Make a Spooky Delicious Meatloaf

Halloween snuck up on me this year, creepily approaching…with the Halloween weekend approaching I wanted to share a favorite among our household – a delicious discovery, a wicked twist on a classic…

So keeping in mind that it’s also #tbt tonight seemed like the perfect night to share this throwback recipe:

Zombie Meatloaf – Deliciously Dangerous!

  1. Make your meatloaf recipe as normal.
  2. Shape meatloaf into a head shape.
  3. Wrap in bacon.
  4. Use onion slices for eyes – slice slightly into them and add drop of red food coloring to center (the food coloring will bleed out making the eyes look blood shot) an onion slice for a nose, and onion slivers for teeth.
  5. Then bake as usual (about an hour at 350 degrees).
  6. “Eat him before he eats you!”



#tbt – How my Paintings have Changed…

I’ve always loved painting but in the past I’ve lacked a technical approach…I’m not where I feel I am destined to be but it’s revitalizing and motivating seeing how far I’ve come. I’ve gone from small canvas paintings to last summer making my way into an International Online Art Gallery (woohoo – that was on my bucket list!). I wouldn’t call myself a pro but I can say I’m proud of some of my work, and everyone has their own style which is always a comforting reminder. The important thing to remember in art is that it is an expression of ourselves, and we are each our own. Art is also in the eye of the beholder so though there will always be peeps out there that may not appreciate my art as much as another, I trust in myself that I am making progress and I am working towards the goals I’ve set for myself and am working towards my dreams which in its own is rewarding.

Throwback – January 28th, 2014 – “Today I decided to dapper at my painting…I’m usually more of an abstract painter but this year I’ve decided to try and fine tune my skills. To do that means a lot of practice (so expect to see a good amount of these as I practice practice practice; or try try try!)…and I think I’ll enroll in some classes.

So this is what I created this time with the sea in mind… I call it “Painting by the Sea in a Cove”.”


” Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” ~ Mark Rothko


Art Journal 2

So here it is…art journal 2. I’m finding myself embracing words in my art journal…sketching out what I’m thinking in letter form (does that even make sense?), trying out my artsy lettering skills (which I’m working on growing in that field!). I have to share two things – 1. I went to a close friend’s baby shower the other weekend and saw another close friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. She shared with me that my initial Art Journal post had inspired her to start her own art journal, it made my heart sing, that’s why I blog, with the eternal hope that my stories and my thoughts inspire others. 2. I’m really finding that this coloring thing is super therapeutic for me. I’ve always loved art and making art in some form or another but I sometimes don’t have the time to complete all I want to do. Coloring and drawing in my art journal has given me a place to escape from the daily stresses quickly. It gives me a way to express myself and to release without having to get all of my paints, brushes, easel, and canvases out. I’m not throwing the brushes to the side and giving up painting in any way but this project allows me to create art anytime and I love that. I’m also hoping to expand my skills with this project…the technical sides of art have always been more of a challenge for me so as I expand on my sketches (and lettering) I’m hoping to add some fine tuning skills to my belt…but for now it’s the cutesy fun stuff!

My Art Journal pages 4 thru 6

#tbt – Color Me Mine Trip; Painter’s Mug

I can’t say I’ve ever left Color Me Mine with a project I didn’t like. It’s fun walking through the house and seeing the knick-knacks I’ve created from our trips to paint at Color Me Mine…  My ring holder, my elephant piggy bank…..

Today’s throwback is a post I wrote 2 years ago after a Mommy and Son trip to Color Me Mine…will need to get back soon to make a new creation! This post is featuring my “splotch” mug. It was fun just to play with the different colors and just do whatever, no rhyme or reason to this design, it just is and I love it!

Color Me Mine is a shop/painting studio that is a blast! The great thing about this place is that you can go pick your pottery, paint it, and then they put it in the kiln for you and you pick it up all finished and glossy about a week later. You don’t have to stock paints or pottery or own a kiln. You pay a small studio fee and then the price of your pottery piece and the rest is all included. This last time I decided to just let go and I created what I named “My Painter’s Mug” – it’s a great big size for my cup of tea that I love to drink while I craft or paint. Bright colors to inspire me and I even gave it a signature paint splotch which is my favorite part of the mug.  Check for a location close to you at P.S. The paint holds up…I still use this mug to this day : )

Color Me Mine Painters Mug


#tbt – DIY Floral Summer Post Board

With warmer weather on the way and Spring Cleaning on our to-do list, I thought an easy, quick #DIY crafting post would be a good fit for this week’s #tbt post. This project was about a 30 minute task. A cute addition to the kitchen for the upcoming season!

Burlap Noteboard

  1. Collect your supplies: I found burlap boards at Walmart on clearance – Score! – I also picked up a some pretty and funky floral fabric, some ribbon, a pretty papermache butterfly, some pretty pink flowers at AC Moore’s, and some funky paperclips at the Dollar Tree.
  2. I cut a heart out of the fabric and created a ribbon border at the top and bottom. I then arranged the other embellishments on the burlap board. I used a hot glue gun to adhere everything to the board… I swear if I could fix everything in my life with a hot glue gun I’d be on it!
  3. Add some notes to the clips and ta-dah!



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