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Awaken To Your Calling

“If something is tugging at your soul so hard that it keeps you up at night then it is no longer a dream, it is a calling.”


“Awaken” – Paintings by LAR


Dream within Meditation

Grey swirls interrupted by shrouds of deep orange filled the sky. She watched in awe, mesmerized by the passion it exuded. A lonely arrow shot into the sky slashed through the sun. The sky grew dark.

She dove, her fins pushing her deeper and deeper into the ocean’s captivity. A lonely glow shone down to her. She followed the warm trail back to the surface. Thrusting herself up from the water, she found a solo lantern sitting on the stone ledge. A sharp ache spread throughout her as the second arrow pierced her chest. She fell back into the sea. Red poured around her as she sank.

His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her up towards the waves. They reached the break and he slid her up onto land. With his hands placed on her chest, he pushed down hard, a vivid glow radiated from his hands upon her. She opened her eyes to see him.

The dark sky now awoke. A dazzling yellow globe filling it. They lay, intertwined, souls touching.

sea pearls

I will always be a writer…

As I start yet my third story/book this weekend I think to myself, “I will always be a writer because I keep writing…but if I don’t ever finish one of them I will never be an author.”



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