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What To Do When You’re Feeling Down

We all have those days, the days that we just can’t quite feel enough, or maybe you’re just so emotionally or physically drained that you just can’t take anything else on. It’s okay to have these days, it’s natural to have these days…these are signs that we need to take some time to rejuvenate, to refresh our spirits. Take the time and do something that will uplift your spirits. 

  1. Read – Immerse yourself into a fantasy. Take a vacation from reality and dream. This can release your mind from the things troubling you. A relaxed mind can handle the challenges you are facing must easier than a tense mind.
  2. Take a Hot Bath – Allow your body and your mind to relax. Add essential oils to help alleviate your stress.
  3. Light a Candle or a fresh Incense – Certain scents have been proving to have positive effects on our moods. I love Dragonsblood and it is said to dispel negativity.
  4. Write – Let it out, whether you write in story form or into your journal, writing can help you let go of the bad feelings you have inside of you.
  5. Take a Walk or Go for a Run – Exercise releases endorphins which will improve your mood and respond to stress better.
  6.  Meditate – Meditation has proven to have several benefits including clearing your mind, calming the body, and overall helping you feel better.
  7. Take a Nap – Sometimes you just need to sleep it off. If I am feeling particularly stressed or sad I find that a nap can be my best medicine. It slows me down and takes me away from the world for bit to work through things.
  8. Spend Time With Friends – Go seek time with your support group, talk it out or  just have a good laugh.
  9. Watch a Movie – It may seem silly because it is usually a made up story but sometimes the best inspiration or idea to solve a problem can be found in the most unusual places. Or a good comedy can get you laughing, or a scary movie can make you forget your worries. It’s a great chill activity.
  10. Call Your Mom (or Your Dad… or Grandparents…) – Call a family member, let them remind you that your loved. Let them share their wisdom with you. This can be a safe place to talk or to cry if you need to. I always feel better after chatting with my mom.

Whatever it may be, when you’re having a rough day, find something to make you smile. A smile can give you all the strength you need to keep going. 



Awaken To Your Calling

“If something is tugging at your soul so hard that it keeps you up at night then it is no longer a dream, it is a calling.”


“Awaken” – Paintings by LAR

Songs of November

This is my list of November songs, songs to get in to the cooler November days with. 

  1. “Sweet November” by Sza. – – a little bit soulful sound.
  2. “November Blue” by The Avett Brothers. – – a little bit of a folk sound, good foot tapping song.
  3. “November” by Max Richter. – –  a beautiful instrumental.
  4. “November Boogie” by Sonny Boy Williamson II. – – just as the title says, this puts a little boogie in your step.
  5. “Mr.November” by The National. – – I’m really digging this song, but there are explicit lyrics so keep that in mind when you are jamming to this one.

And for a bonus – this is a classic – “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. –

Hope you enjoy and have fun listening to my little playlist! 


Why Being Tired Is Worth It

Some days I’m stressed, some days I’m just tired, and some days I’m full of spunk but most days I’m happy, and every day I am grateful. I made the comment today a few times of how busy a day today was and twice I was told how great that was because busy means job security. In the light of the current (past week) events in my workplace, that is true. I am so grateful to be where I am today. I worked hard to get to where I am and I will continue to work hard to stay and grow where I am. If you’ve been following me for a bit then you know I strive to get everything out of life that I possibly can and that isn’t going to change anytime soon, that’s part of who I am. I am lucky to have a job I enjoy and most days love and I’m lucky to have the flexibility to still reach out for other things I love and want out of  life so tonight I think even though it’s pushing midnight and I just finished wrapping up some things for the office, I am blessed to have the life I have. Today I hustled at the office and then I went and won 1st place at Trivia to come home and curl up on the couch and go into my virtual office to continue pushing through the projects that lay ahead of me. Though this may leave me tired tomorrow I get to go to sleep tonight feeling proud and accomplished. Yesterday’s post I spoke of perspective, today I give you an example. So to all the tired souls out there, think to yourself what motivates you to have late nights, what motivates you to keep pushing through? Is it the sense of accomplishment at the end of a long day? For me it is, it is a sense of pride, a thought that I am making a difference and that feels good. So a toast to those of us that are tired and to those of us that keep going, because we are the people that are making dreams happen, we are our own shooting stars!


Controlling My Happiness

Within your mind you have the power to find beauty, peace, and happiness everywhere.


I have been asked many times, “Why are you so happy? How are you so positive?”, well because I choose to be. My best piece of advice when you aren’t in a situation that makes you happy – you have two choices to make yourself happy, either change the situation or change your perspective but take control.

I’m not perfect and I have my down times and even have my slumps I occasionally get stuck in (example – I get “hangry” and I also get cranky when I’m exhausted however it comes down to me to change how I feel and to take control. If it’s an uncomfortable situation that I must face, then I look for the positives and for the lessons in it – changing my perspective. If it’s something I can control, then I make the change – for example being “hangry” is an excuse, go get something to eat!  For me, it’s a process I have had to explore, steps I had to learn, and practices to change how my mind works.

“Positive people also have negative thoughts. They just don’t let those thoughts control them.”

The Feeling of Flight

Today I did something unexpected, something that would surprise the folks that have known me for so long. Today I climbed into a bi-plane, a plane that had no windows or doors on it today, and I went for a flight. The feelings of freedom I had being in the air overcame my fear of heights. There was no fear of anything being up among the clouds. I felt invigorated, I felt calm, I felt at home. My mind was filled with amazement, my heart filled with courage and strength. It was breathtaking, bringing tears to my eyes. I had never felt so free and alive in my life as I did in those fifteen minutes! I knew in those moments that I had made the change, turned the leaf that I had been fighting to do for so many years. In the air I was struck with the idea, the thought, that this is the life I want to life, the life I’m living, the life in which I can seize every day and love every moment of the rest of my life. This was my freedom. Today I was a bird, flying high and above any troubles. Today I was a warrior. Today I was reminded how beautiful adventure is. The feeling of flight is freedom and freedom is my life!


How to Make a Spooky Delicious Meatloaf

Halloween snuck up on me this year, creepily approaching…with the Halloween weekend approaching I wanted to share a favorite among our household – a delicious discovery, a wicked twist on a classic…

So keeping in mind that it’s also #tbt tonight seemed like the perfect night to share this throwback recipe:

Zombie Meatloaf – Deliciously Dangerous!

  1. Make your meatloaf recipe as normal.
  2. Shape meatloaf into a head shape.
  3. Wrap in bacon.
  4. Use onion slices for eyes – slice slightly into them and add drop of red food coloring to center (the food coloring will bleed out making the eyes look blood shot) an onion slice for a nose, and onion slivers for teeth.
  5. Then bake as usual (about an hour at 350 degrees).
  6. “Eat him before he eats you!”


On Sale!!! September Edition – Fashion Picks of the Week

September is coming to a close and the cooler weather is inching in, stock up on summer end deals before they’re gone with savvy shopping choices from my Fashion Picks of the Week. This week’s picks have summer finds to tuck away and pieces to transition your style into Fall. 

Happy Shopping!!!



Fashion Picks of the Week – Let’s Begin

At one point way back in my younger years I wanted to be in the fashion world, I wanted to design and create but that wasn’t my path to walk. So with still having a love for fashion I thought this was a great way for me to satisfy that little craving but keep it simple (because there are bigger journeys out there for me to explore). This is my first post of My Fashion Picks of the Week”. Enjoy!


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